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Mystery Word Town has you catching criminals with your spelling skills

spelling game for ipad

In Mystery Word Town, the Huevos Rancheros Gang have stolen gold and are hiding out in various locations across the town. To find them you must explore every possible location, collecting letters as you go. Each door that you come across presents a spelling barrier that will only be unlocked if you spell the word correctly — and you can only do that if you’ve found the required letters.

Throughout your travels around the town you have a lot of interactive elements that help keep each room unique and interesting. When you discover a new word puzzle there’s the option of playing an audio hint, so that children can see and hear the word before attempting to spell. To expand the app further you have the option of adding your own vocabulary and recordings so that you can tailor the game to specific children.

Overall, Mystery Word Town is an enjoyable experience that would be equally good at home or at school. The unlimited profiles mean an entire class can save their settings and progress on just a single iPad.

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