Fun vocabulary lessons with Scrabble magnets

Scrabble tiles allow children to spell out words, swap letters and make new and interesting words.

Regular non-magnetic tiles will do the job just fine but they tend to be misplaced so easily. The Scrabble magnets are much more versatile.

In a lot of schools, they tend to have small magnetic whiteboards that make a great partnership with the magnets. Pupils can hold the board up vertically to show another pupil or move tiles around without them falling to the floor.

As well as spelling out simple words, you can also try:

  • Using the numbers on each tile to create high scoring words
  • See who can create the longest or strangest word
  • Anagrams
  • Find the longest word from a certain number of letters

Right now in my classroom, there’s a small magnetic board that contains a complex word of the day with the definition underneath. As the Scrabble tiles are magnetic, the board sits quite happily tacked to the wall.

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