Viking Banners

Three styles of vikings banners, ready to print for the classroom. Each banner has been…

World War 2 Plane Cards

Our World War 2 plane cards consist of 16 aircraft with short biographies, important dates,…

printable boarding pass for kids

Boarding Pass Template

Where would you like to go on holiday? Now you can go anywhere you like…

Scottish Tartan

Scotland is famous for it’s tartan. Our pack contains 16 of the most popular designs,…

Scottish Food

Forty food cards showing the weird and wonderful food that we eat in Scotland.

Space Numbers

Our rocket and star numbers will be a great addition to your space topic. Numbers…

Months of the Year Monster Banner

A bright and colourful banner for displaying the months of the year.

Olympics Writing Templates

Write all about the Olympics using any one of our nine writing templates. Each one…

London Pack

Learn about London with our simple map, famous London icons and all major London buildings.

iPhone Activity Pack

Get students’ creative juices going by designing their very own iPhone app!

Food Chart

Sort food items into two category of healthy and unhealthy. There’s a total of 16…

christmas topic cards for the classroom

Christmas Topic Cards

20 Christmas topic cards for displays or for using as cards when working with groups.