Light Bulb Icons

Light bulb icons in six versions. Great for a display of knowledge and ideas!

Gears and Cogs

Four styles of cogs in 10 colours as well as a blank version of each.

food display cards classroom printable

Food Display Cards

Large collection of 44 food cards including many fruit and vegetables. Great for sorting into…

Cute Display Owls

Cute display owls for classroom displays. Pack includes 9 coloured versions and three blank versions…

colourful speech bubbles for classroom displays

Colourful Speech Bubbles

Our speech bubbles pack has three different styles and six colour versions.

colourful display stars for classroom display

Colourful Display Stars

Seven styles of stars in various colours for classroom displays. Includes blank versions for colouring…

cupcake icons for classroom display

Colourful Cupcakes

A fun set of colourful cupcakes in dotted and striped cases. There’s also a blank…

rucksack icons for colouring in schools

Backpack Icons

A set of backpack icons in various colours. There is one backpack to an A4…

Moustache Icons

You just never know when you’ll need a printable moustache. There are 20 different kinds…

Messaging Icons

Simple messaging icons that are commonly seen on a smartphone. Each speech bubble faces both…

Maths Symbols

Here we have five styles of maths icons for your classroom displays. There’s even a…

Magnifying Glasses

Simple magnifying glasses in 12 colours. There are two magnifying glasses to a printable A4…