The LittleBits classroom kit of electronic modules

LittleBits are a company that develops simple electrical components that snap together using magnets. Like an advanced LEGO kit, the individual modules are colour-coded, making it as easy as possible for young learners to create great things.

The magnets remove the need for tricky soldering or complicated wiring, allowing you to concentrate on bringing your ideas to life. For inspiration and ideas, visit the LittleBits MakerHub where you can find a great selection of projects for you to have a go at.

LittleBits produce a number of starter kits that vary in size and cost. The Workshop Kit is a huge bundle of modules suitable for schools that includes an LED, button, motor, dimmer switch and more. Watch the following video for a quick insight into the kit’s contents.

The total cost of the kit is around $2140 (£1600) and that includes delivery to the UK. If you’d rather have a more diverse selection of modules rather than quantity, take a look at the Student Kit; it’s about a quarter of the price and it would allow you to be more adventurous with your ideas.

There’s also a small selection of LittleBits products on Amazon if you wanted your kit shipped from a retailer closer to home.




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