typic text on photos app for ipad

Typic supercharges your photos with filters, text and design elements

Typic looks like just another standard photo editor with an endless supply of colourful and vintage filters. However, delving deeper you’ll find it has so much more to offer. Swiping along the bottom of the screen will navigate you between the various options — filters, frames, text, colours and a large collection of icons.

Adding an element to your image is easy and uses a familiar drag-and-drop interface. Once on the image you can move it around, resize or rotate to make it just the way you want it. This also includes choosing from a number of colours.

Typic is on a mission to make your images more interesting and it thoroughly succeeds at this. It gives you the power to create great things with just a few taps — like a thank you note for a friend or a poster for an upcoming school event.

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