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Over app: Adding beautiful text to photos has never been easier

over - add text to photos on ipad

There are quite a few apps on the App Store that let you add text to photos. But few do it as well as Over. The app contains hundreds of fonts so there’s always one that’s suitable for your photograph or image. To get started, you add a photo from your library or take a new one using the camera. Once loaded, you can access the main controls via a pop-out scrolling wheel on the right side of the screen.

There are three main areas that you can edit in Over: the font, the colour and the size. As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of fonts available, but beware, not all are free and some need to be purchased in-app. That being said, there are plenty of free fonts and you likely won’t need to purchase any of them.

Changing the colour of your text is easy, as it’s all done from the keyboard view. You’ll also see in realtime what the colour looks like on your image, helping you select the most effective.

Using Over in the Classroom

  • Create an image for a class blog
  • Add pupil poems over a photograph
  • Print and display inspiring quotes
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