10 Classroom crafts with a big roll of paper

A big roll of paper is such a versatile tool for the classroom and it can be used for various activities.

As the paper can be rolled out over multiple desks, laid flat on the floor or mounted on the wall, it gives students a collaborative learning space where everyone can join in.

Although you can buy various colours and textures of paper online, the best value is wallpaper lining paper from your local Poundland. It’s thick enough for all kinds of crafts and it only sets you back £1.

There’s probably hundreds of different ideas for working with rolls of paper but here’s a quick list of 10 options for the classroom.

  • Brainstorm projects
  • An alphabet or number line
  • Hand and foot prints
  • Themed wrapping paper
  • Signs for shows and events
  • Family tree
  • Wall pattern
  • Height chart
  • Human body poster by drawing around a student
  • Collect leaves, annotate and laminate

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