Resource bags – a handy addition to the classroom

Mrs. Terhune has some great ideas for classroom organisation. Two of our favourites are the ‘Work in Progress’ folders and the handy ‘Resource Bags’.

The ‘Work in Progress’ folders are used to store unfinished work that can be continued at a later point in the day when they have time. This helps keep desks tidy, as paper isn’t just thrown into drawers or misplaced.

The ‘Resource Bags’ are cheap canvas tote bags that have been assigned to each child in the class. In each bag you’ll find numerous materials and resources that a pupil might need throughout the day. This saves so much time on a daily basis as you don’t have to keep handing out things that are frequently used. Each child is then responsible for their own materials and should have everything they need to start any tasks. If you can’t get a hold of cheap canvas bags, I’m sure any kind of container would work just as well – even a sturdy folder wallet should do the trick.

You can read more about them, and more great ideas at Mrs. Terhune’s blog here –



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