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Explain Everything is a feature-rich interactive whiteboard tool

Explain Everything essentially records everything that is taking place on your iPad screen – but with a lot of control and features!

The main feature is the ability to record object animations, drawings and annotations. However, unlike other screen capturing apps where you only have one screen which you need to rub out the contents to get more space, Explain Everything allows you to have as many slides as you need. When creating a presentation, you have the ability to add audio, images, videos, text notes, shapes and even a live web browser! You can also import different file types including PDFs, Powerpoints and Keynote files.

Once you’ve completed your project, you can share your work to Dropbox, Evernote, YouTube or email them as a video or project file. Sharing the project file is extremely handy if you’re collaborating on a project.

Using Explain Everything in the Classroom

  • Narrate archive footage to explain what was going on at the time
  • Explain the method for long multiplication for peers
  • Create a presentation for a classroom version of Dragon’s Den
  • Teachers could use it as a second pair of hands with simple instructions or a reminder for a complex sequence which pupils could refer back to as much as needed

Explain Everything is one of the most powerful tools in the classroom for engaging pupils. The app encourages pupils to demonstrate their understanding, create their own work, analyse and evaluate learning. There are infinite possibilities in the classroom for this app.




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