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Feedly is an RSS aggregator which essentially pulls in articles from a website whenever they post something new. This can be especially useful to teachers as you can catch up with your reading at the weekend, knowing you’ve not missed anything noteworthy.

You can add your favourite websites within the app by tapping on the magnifying glass and searching (either by the name or exact web address). When you add a site, you choose which category it goes in and you can rename it to suit your preference. Then, when new content from that site is added, it automatically downloads to your Feedly category, stating how many articles are unread.

Feedly is also an excellent tool for keeping up to date with blogs in your school. If your school has multiple blogs (for example different classes or age groups), you can see all the new content without having to go to each blog individually, saving you precious time.

You can download Feedly for Android and iOS or visit their web application at feedly.com.

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