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iVisualiser: Draw or annotate directly onto live video and images

iVisualiser, turn your iPad into a visualiser

The idea for the iPad app iVisualiser is a simple, yet clever one. It displays live video from the camera that you can write or draw on to annotate. Any marks you make are recorded to the video as well as any audio commentary.

The app also features a laser pointer for directing attention without leaving any visible marks. All videos you create are automatically saved to your camera roll, allowing you to open them in other apps or export via e-mail etc.

The app itself is well laid out and very easy to use. The video we’ve embedded above is definitely worth a watch if you’re thinking of purchasing it. In the video, the narrator explains all of the features and some tips for using the app.

The only real issue we found with iVisualiser is trying to keep the iPad steady. We solved this by using an iPad Mount so that we could align the camera to almost any angle.

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