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Title screen of Kids Discover: Cells app for iPad
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If you’ve used a Kids Discover app before, then you’ll quickly know how the cells version works. All of the Kids Discover apps contain a grid-like contents page that lets you navigate to each section. This makes the app feel more like an interactive book with chapters and a clear direction as to what should be read first.

The cells edition has a high amount of quality content that covers just about every aspect of a cell, from reproduction to a spinning double helix. As you progress through each section, you’ll come across interactive areas that might include a video, animation or a puzzle. What we found however, is that they just don’t feel that engaging and it all looks quite ‘clip-arty’ and old-fashioned.

Even though there is a lot of content in the app, it still needs a bit more polish. It’s almost like the information has been copied and pasted by lots of different people with no real thought as to who it’s for.

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