advice for solving maths problems

Mathematician Advice on Twitter

A series of posters in the style of tweets for helping children solve maths problems…

Famous Mathematician Advice – Poster Display

A series of posters for helping children solve maths problems on their own.

Poster Set of Long Multiplication Methods

A poster set of three methods for multiplying large numbers. Includes traditional, grid and the…

Minecraft Numbers

Numbers 0-20 in the style of Minecraft blocks.

Minecraft Money

Printable money from the Bank of Minecraft. Includes 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100…

Deal or No Deal Printable Game

A printable version of the gameshow Deal or No Deal (UK version). There’s 22 red…

Understanding Angles Posters

A set of three A4 posters that cover the basics of angles. Includes definitions of…

Visual Time Posters

Colourful posters for helping pupils visualise and understand the concepts of time.

Weight, Length and Capacity Posters

Three posters explaining weight/mass, length and capacity. Each one displays relevant conversions and a few…

Area, Perimeter and Volume Posters

Three A4 posters displaying the definitions of area, perimeter and volume.

Square Paper Brainteaser

Cut out the four shapes and try to rearrange them back into a square.

Maths symbols and their meanings

A set of four A5 posters displaying mathematical symbols and vocabulary for addition, subtraction, multiplication…