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Sculpt virtual pottery and 3D print your designs

A screenshot from the Let's Create Pottery HD iPad app

Pottery HD is a clay-sculpting app that takes you as close as possible to pottery making, without actually touching a pottery wheel. As it’s nowhere near as difficult as the real thing, it’s perfect for children and adults of any age.

Being creative and making pottery is obviously a huge part of the app, but it actually has a gaming element to it. It starts when you receive an email from your “Aunt Chloe” who requests specific designs that you must make, using an attached photo as a guide. The closer your design looks to the image, the more money she will pay (which can then be spent on new materials, brushes and colours).

Making pottery is an art that takes patience and a steady hand, so it’s a relief that there’s no time limit on anything you create. You’re also free to completely ignore the game element and create on your own but it does add a level of achievement.

If you wanted to take your pottery designs out of the virtual world and onto your mantlepiece, you have the option of 3D printing. Depending on the size and colour of your pot it can vary in price from around £5 to £50. What a great gift it would make!

Download for iOS or Android.

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