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Sticky page markers give your books an entertaining landscape

London sticky page markers in a book

These clever stickies sit atop your pages and create a wonderful world that is visible when you close the book.

They’re especially useful if you want the sticky notes to exist in a more long-term situation so you don’t have to disrupt the scene 🙂

There are 10 designs to choose from and they each retail for £3.95. Check out the full list (with pictures) below and if you like any, you can buy them here.

1. Mars (aliens, galactic party rock and space buggies)

2. Sky (fluffy clouds and a juicy little rainbow)

3. Polar (icebergs, igloos, snow covered trees and penguins)

4. Forest (pointy, bubbly and perfectly round trees, and tufts of grass)

5. Desert (sand dunes, cacti and skulls)

6. London (skyline including Big Ben, the Gherkin, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, red buses, houses and tower-blocks)

7. Tokyo (skyline including Godzilla, Tokyo Tower, Tochoō, Sky Tree, Thundergate, ‘mansions’ and tower blocks)

8. New York (skyline including the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State with King Kong, yellow cabs, tower blocks and apartments)

9. Hong Kong (skyline including the International Finance Centre, Peak Tower, Bank of China building, boats and tower blocks)

10. Nessie (the famous Scottish monster)

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