periodic table app for ipad the elements

The Elements is the only periodic table you’ll ever need

Every now and again an app comes along that truly makes itself at home on the iPad. The Elements is more than just a basic periodic table, but a complete guide filled with images, facts, figures and information.

When you tap on an element, the app comes to life, displaying a 3D animated, rotating sample. On the right you’re given information such as the atomic radius, crystal structure, weight, density, melting temperature and the percentage in the universe. In addition to this, tap on the ‘forward >’ button at the bottom right and it will open up a whole new page of information and fully interactive images.

All this information takes up a lot of data and the result is an app that’s incredibly large (1.7GB). But, like all apps, you can always delete it if you need the space and download it again from iCloud before a lesson.


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