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5 Great post-it note ideas for teachers

Great ways to use sticky notes in the classroom

Post-it notes are an essential part of a teacher’s toolbox. They’re bright, colourful, easy to spot and they can stick to just about anything. But rather than just writing notes and sticking them on your desk or in a book, we wanted to find some more imaginative post-it note ideas.

Here’s a list of our favourites.

1. Weekly/Monthly Goals

A simple board of post-it notes used for displaying your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly goals.

Source: Cornflower Blue

2. To-do Board

A lovely visual idea that organises your tasks in a chart-like format. Could be used as a ‘day of the week’ schedule or by sorting tasks by order of importance.

Source: Pinterest

3. Post-it Planner

Transform a regular lined notebook into the ultimate weekly planner. Any mistakes or changes to your scheduled can be easily fixed.

Source: The Wise & Witty Teacher

4. Print on Post-its

Sugardoodle has some great templates for printing onto your post-it notes. You then have a little printed note but with the ability to stick it down.

Source: Sugardoodle

5. Mini Clipboards

Taking a quick note when you have nothing to lean on. Grab a coaster, a bulldog clip and a sticky note.

Source: Next to Heaven


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