Whink: Take notes, markup PDFs, record audio and sketch ideas

Whink aims to be a an all-in-one note-taking app that’ll record every kind of note you can think of. It features handwritten and typed notes, post-its, a highlighter, shapes and audio recording.

Whink is easy to use and it has a similar layout to a presentation app, where it displays your pages/slides on the left and your main page on the right. Where you might run into trouble is when you try and share your document — which is actually hidden in your main document library. Tap and hold on the cover to bring up a menu where you can export as a PDF.

The problem with note-taking apps is that there are so many to choose from — many of which are free (Whink is £4.99). Even Apple’s default notes app has improved over the years with a refreshed look and new features in the latest iOS software update.

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