Drawp is an art app that offers an enhanced workflow and collaboration

Drawp is an art app for younger learners who aren’t looking for complicated textures or…

Receive any app notifications from your iPhone to your Mac

Notifications on the iPhone are a key part of keeping you updated with your various…

printed book of childrens artwork

Artkive: A professionally printed book of a child’s artwork

Children produce a lot of artwork at school and home but the finished pieces often…

Control a cartoon turtle by learning the basics of programming

In Move the Turtle, players learn programming basics by controlling a rather cute, little turtle.…

Access over 20,000 comics with a Marvel Unlimited subscription

Think of Marvel Unlimited as the Netflix of comics. It lets readers access thousands of…

endless alphabet app for learning words and spelling

Friendly monsters help build vocabulary in Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet helps children learn letters and words in a colourful, interactive environment.

organise your audio recordings on the ipad

Recorder: A free app for recording voice memos on the iPad

Apple’s Voice Memos app in the iPhone is a nice little app but it lacks…

noteshelf organisation app for going paperless ipad

Noteshelf is an app for helping you go paperless

Noteshelf is the biggest advertisement for going paperless that we’ve seen yet.

learn languages in the classroom with duolingo

Duolingo teaches you a new language in bite-sized lessons

Learning a new language isn’t easy. Many of us wish we could speak multiple languages…

coding app for children tynker ipad android

Tynker: Learn programming concepts and create your own game

Tynker is an app that has a great way of teaching children how to code.…

kids sticker app for photos

Add child-friendly stickers and text to your photos with Typic Kids

Typic Kids is an app that has a selection of cool fonts, filters and stickers…

Practise counting, arithmetic and writing numbers in Quick Maths Jr.

Quick Maths Jr. is an app with 6 games to help children understand basic numeracy.