typic text on photos app for ipad

Typic supercharges your photos with filters, text and design elements

Typic looks like just another standard photo editor with an endless supply of colourful and…

stickyboard app for ipad whiteboard

Stickyboard 2 is a whiteboard app with post-it notes

Teachers use a lot of post-it notes in the classroom and the app Stickyboard looks…

video stopwatch for ipad measure time between two points

Video Stopwatch finds the elapsed time between two points in a video

Video Stopwatch is a simple app that helps you measure the time it takes between…

identify butterfly app for ipad

A guide for identifying British and European butterflies

Reference guides are an excellent type of app for the iPad as you get so…

sound effects app ipad

Sound Board is a collection of funny and annoying sound effects

There’s no denying that Sound Board is an annoying app. It’s filled with traditional sounds…

notability app sketching notetaking

Notability: A powerful app for text, sketch and audio notes

You no longer have to imagine a world without a perfect note-taking iPad app, because…

learn to write cursive app for ipad

A brilliant app for teaching children cursive writing

An introduction to cursive writing almost seems like it was made for a tablet.

orchestra ipad app music

The Orchestra app visualises how classical music comes together

Developers Touchpress are quickly becoming one of the top creators of iPad apps.

chirp bird song app ipad

Chirp! Bird Song of Britain and Europe helps you identify and learn about birds

Identifying bird song with Chirp! is like having a personal bird expert with you at…

TextExpander changes short abbreviations into long snippets of text

With the introduction of iOS 8 in 2014, Apple unlocked the possibility for adding 3rd…

iVisualiser: Draw or annotate directly onto live video and images

The idea for the iPad app iVisualiser is a simple, yet clever one. It displays…

quip collaboration app ipad iphone android

Quip integrates chat with work for easy collaboration

Quip is a full office suite with the added ability of realtime collaboration.