loopy hd beatboxing app ipad

Layer recordings of singing, beatboxing or instruments in Loopy HD

In music, a loop is a recurring musical sequence that can be used for background…

ipad building app shapes think 3d

Build and disassemble geometric shapes in Think 3D

Think 3D is a simple app all about shapes. You interact with them in a…

travel interpreter phrasebook app for ipad

Travel Interpreter is a talking phrasebook that translates English into 33 languages

Unlike other translation apps that will translate just about anything, Travel Interpreter focus solely on…

ipad band music apps

Inspiration and apps for creating an iPad band

The iPad is a very capable tool when it comes to making music, as seen in…

showbie classroom management app for ipad

Teachers go paperless with digital class management app Showbie

We’ve looked at a few classroom management apps before and many require a monthly or…

beethoven app for ipad

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony showcases his iconic work and performances

Award-winning developers Touch Press have created a wonderful app that highlights the amazing work of…

spatial reasoning app ipad shapes

Teach spatial reasoning and problem solving with TanZen HD

TanZen is a geometry game where the object is to correctly position a number of…

collaboration app for ipad whiteboard

Collaborate on a whiteboard using more than one iPad

With the app Whiteboard HD, you have the ideal environment for sketching out ideas or…


Quark DesignPad is an advanced creation app for newsletters, posters and more

If you need to create an official document for printing, Quark DesignPad is about as…


Discover the national debt of more than 180 countries

The free app, National Debt, provides a unique look into the national debts of countries…

comicbook app for ipad

ComicBook: Create your own comic book adventures

ComicBook! is a relatively professional app for creating comic books but it also makes the…

king of maths app for ipad

Answer fun and diverse maths questions in King of Maths

In a lot of maths games and apps, interest can fade quite quickly.