Gadgets and gizmos for the classroom.

airserver computer ipad smartboard

AirServer: How to wirelessly mirror your iPad to a projector or SMARTboard

Connecting an iPad to a SMARTboard or projector just became a whole lot easier.

doxie go se scanner for teachers

Doxie Go is a beautiful, portable wireless scanner

No longer do you need a big, clunky scanner, taking up precious space in the…

Qball is a wireless, throwable microphone for the classroom

QBall: A bluetooth-connected, throwable microphone for the classroom

It may look and feel like a football but inside the QBall contains some clever…

Belkin headphone dock for sharing audio with others

Belkin Rockstar lets you share a device’s audio with others

The Belkin Rockstar is a great device for allowing more than one pupil to listen…

iPad gestures for kids

Touchscreen iPad gestures – learning the basics

The iPad is capable of understanding numerous multi-touch gestures.

A Raspberry Pi breakdown diagram

Cheap Raspberry Pi computer teaches children programming

Raspberry Pi is a stripped down computer without the casing, that provides a very cheap…

A cropped image of educational influencers on twitter

Who to follow on Twitter, for teachers

More and more great minds in education are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, and are…

TED Talk where littleBits is introduced

Building blocks of the future from littleBits

Here’s a short inspiring video from Ayah Bdeir who introduces littleBits – a modern take on…

Evernote logo

Evernote: Capture notes, organise lessons, collaborate on projects

Evernote lets you make notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, save websites and record voice…

dropbox app store files

Store your files in the cloud with Dropbox

Dropbox is a personal folder in the cloud that can be accessed from any computer,…

An easy-to-read wall clock for children

Easyread clock for the classroom makes telling the time simple

The Easyread clock does exactly what you’d expect.

Kickstarter logo with money and seedling

Pitch your ideas to the world and get funding with Kickstarter

Kickstarter doesn’t have to be about funding a new business.