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The Celestron Wi-Fi microscope for Apple and Android devices

microscope for android iphone ipad

The Celestron Wi-Fi Microscope is a high quality, handheld microscope capable of transmitting live video and photographs to your iPad or Android tablet. Although it’s such a small device, it still packs 80x magnification, which is more than enough to see minute details of your subject. As long as you have access to a wi-fi connection, the microscope can connect to three devices at once, simultaneously streaming a live video feed.

Unlike other microscopes, the Celestron is completely wireless and runs off 3 AA batteries. To ensure you don’t run out of power whilst outside, you can monitor the battery LED that lights up when power is low. Also on the outer case, you have a shutter button for capturing photographs, a focus wheel, and a mount for connecting to a tripod.

As the microscope is so portable, it’s great for taking on class trips. By adding a flexible tripod (like a gorillapod) you’ll be able to set it up in any situation to capture interesting creatures or objects. If you don’t have access to little critters, you can buy specimen kits such as beetles, spiders and crabs, which are contained in a clear resin — perfect for microscope viewing.

The Celestron connects to your device using their custom app for Android and iOS.

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