Making learning better with the School Improvement Doodle Book

Graphic designer turned teacher, Ben Keeling, has created a very visual book that introduces a fresh approach for making learning better.

Although the cover of the book says ‘Making Schools Better’, we like to think of it as ‘Making Learning Better’. On first glance, you might think it’s more for head teachers and the management side, but in reality it’s a simple book that will benefit teachers and students too.

On each page you are presented with three post-it notes that act as a stimulus to get you thinking. On a single post-it, there might be part of a sentence or an image that’s been designed to trigger ideas and thoughts. This simplistic way of thinking is often lacking in educational literature and is a really fresh approach to teaching. The great thing is, if you like a particular page you can simply redraw it on your own post-its.

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