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Create professional videos in minutes with Adobe Spark Video

adobe spark moviemaking app ipad

Creating videos that look good just got a whole lot easier with Adobe Spark Video. By combining icons, photos, music and your voice, you can create a visually attractive video in a matter of minutes.

In order to create a video, the app uses a simple page-by-page layout, where you record everything in stages. You begin by choosing a suitable theme from the numerous professional templates available. Then on each page/slide you can choose to add an icon, a photo or text — this is what you’ll be narrating over later.

When you’re ready to add your voice to the production, just tap and hold the audio button, which is all clearly explained in the detailed info boxes that popup throughout the app. Anything you record is then backed up by wonderful music that adds to the quality of your video. These basic steps mean that a polished video can be whipped up in no time at all.

Adobe has added a lot of content for you to take advantage of. Multiple musical tracks, thousands of icons and millions of images. Powerful in-built search means you can find items relating to your project — quickly and easily. So searching for ‘space’ will immediately display images of planets and astronauts.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of downsides to Adobe Spark. Before you get to create any videos, you have to create an account with Adobe. They have a Facebook login but this is useless for younger users. The export options are also pretty limited. Your video gets uploaded to the Adobe cloud regardless, so you can’t just make a video and download it to the iPad directly. You can however make the video private and share the link with specific people. For a more local solution, simply display the video on the iPad you used to create it.

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