Sky Safari app for browsing the night sky

Sky Safari 5 is your compass to the stars

There’s a lot of apps in the astronomy category but Sky Safari is a true gem.

Morris Lessmore screenshot for iPad

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

The story of the Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is based on the…

The logo of Explain Everything, the interactive whiteboard app

Explain Everything is a feature-rich interactive whiteboard tool

Explain Everything essentially records everything that is taking place on your iPad screen – but…

Screenshots of multiple podcast shows and episodes

Listen and learn from the wonderful world of podcasts

Before we start, let’s explain what a podcast is.

Noisli sound effects for an interesting classroom ambience

Fun background sound effects with Noisli

Noisli is a background noise generator that lets you create fun environments for your classroom.

Screenchomp iPad app

ScreenChomp records and shares your iPad’s screen and audio

Using ScreenChomp, you can record your explanations for any topic to help pupils get a…

Foldify app for creating 3D paper models

Foldify: Design, fold and cut-out 3D shape templates

Foldify is a wonderful app that has a collection of printable 3D shapes that you…

Marvel app designer

Create a child-friendly app prototype with Marvel

If you ever wanted to design your own functioning app — Marvel is here to…

Rush Hour iPad app for problem solving

Improve logic and problem-solving with Rush Hour

Rush Hour is an award-winning app for iPad where you have to move vehicles out…

Flipboard news app

Flipboard is a digital magazine that you create

When the iPad launched in 2010, Flipboard was one of the first apps to display…

Three ring logo

Collect, organise and share student work digitally using Three Ring

The nature of assessment is changing. It isn’t just about a grade at the end…