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Inspire Pro: An incredibly realistic painting app

inspire pro painting app for ipad

If you’re looking for a realistic painting app for your iPad, look no further than Inspire Pro. It makes digital painting feel real; with blending, fading and colour mixing techniques.

Just like in real life, you don’t have a never-ending amount of paint on your brush. Once you start painting it quickly fades away as it is transferred to your canvas. More paint is added once you lift your finger and begin to apply another stroke. This gives you great control when blending and creates a lovely texture to your paintings.

In addition to the paintbrush, Inspire Pro comes with a couple of other tools. Airbrushes, Graphite Pencils, Wax Crayons, Markers and Chalk all perform differently and can be combined together to create unique effects.

A neat feature of the app is the recording mode. As seen in the video above, Inspire Pro records everything you draw, without you having to configure any settings. The only thing you have to concentrate on is the painting, making it ideal for the classroom.

The only problem with Inspire Pro is the price. It’s a whopping £7.99 and that still doesn’t fully unlock the app. When compared to an app like ArtRage, it’s hard to see the benefit of paying the extra money. Although the painting mode is super realistic, it’s not something that would sway the average user from cheaper alternatives.


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