reward children with paper wristbands printable

Paper Wristbands

Paper wristbands for reminding, rewarding or recognising classroom achievements.

Emoji Shoutout Banner

An emoji-themed classroom banner for recognising pupil achievements.

Racetrack Behaviour Chart

A behaviour chart for car fans! Up to 8 racers compete through the checkpoints as…

Behaviour chart with New Day poem

Today is a fresh new day! A simple behaviour ladder with two sections above and…

You deserve a high five!

A fun way of celebrating an epic moment of awesomeness! Give yourself a high five!

Rocket Behaviour Chart

A rocket behaviour chart for promising young astronauts. Each level in the chart is one…

LEGO Blocks Behaviour Chart

A behaviour chart in the style of 3D LEGO blocks. There’s a basic system included…

Today was a great day

Three different banners for displaying anything that made today a great day.

ClassDojo Certificate

A certificate for rewarding students who have the most points on ClassDojo.

‘Today Was A Great Day’ Teacher Record

A simple document for recording which pupils have had a great day.

Plants vs. Zombies Reward Chart

In Zombie Revenge (our twist on the popular Plants vs Zombies game), let pupils take…

Christmas Certificates

Reward pupils over the festive season with our Christmas certificates. There’s two versions and they’re…