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Snapseed: The only photo editor you’ll ever need

Google's Snapseed app for editing photos

Snapseed is an excellent photo editing app, that with a couple of taps or swipes you can crop, resize, alter colours or add a filter. Once you’ve selected your effect, you can adjust it’s strength by sliding your finger left or right. This gives you precise control over the look of the photograph.

An excellent feature of Snapseed is an option called Details. It helps bring life back into a photo by increasing the sharpness – a handy tool if pupils have taken a great photo, but it’s slightly blurred.

We also love the ‘Tune Image’ feature that lets you adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation by tapping and holding down on your tablet. An example below shows just how easy it is to dramatically change an image, by using just two (ambience and saturation) of the many features of Snapseed.

Even if you’re a complete photography novice, Snapseed can improve your photos. An adjustment called ‘Auto Correct’ analyzes your photo and automatically adjusts colour and exposure to perfection. Finally, to finish off a photo you might choose to add one of over 20 borders and frames to make sure it looks just the way you want it.

Using Snapseed in the Classroom

  • General photo editing
  • Recreate an old photo by applying vintage filters
  • Crop a photo for a class blog

Download Snapseed for iOS or Android


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