Maths Mansion DVDs make problem solving fun

Maths Mansion is a collection of short 10 minute films that help teach children maths. Aimed at 9-11 year olds, the DVDs explain calculations, shapes and more in a fun and entertaining way.

Maths Mansion is set in a gothic mansion, where captured children are held under the watchful eye of Bad Man, the ruler of the house. To escape his clutches, the children must solve maths problems and puzzles successfully. Each programme looks at a different key maths idea and includes one or two songs to add to the drama.

Similar to Horrible Histories, Maths mansion makes learning fun, simple and accessible. The songs throughout are catchy, fun and memorable and are sure to help pupils remember rules and techniques.

In addition to the DVDs, there is also an accompanying website called the ‘Viewer’s Challenge’ where you can answer questions based on each episode.


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