Category: Literacy

colourful lollipop alphabet free printable

Colourful Lollipop Alphabet

A set of colourful lollipop letters for a sweet wall display. Each letter is on an A4 page and available in five colours.

colourful jigsaw letters to print

Colourful Jigsaw Alphabet

A colourful alphabet in jigsaw shapes that can be joined together. Each letter is an A4 page and can be connected both horizontally and vertically to create displays.

free printable chocolate bar alphabet

Chocolate Alphabet

Create a sweet display of chocolate letters, with both uppercase and lowercase variants.

Energy Sources

Seven sources of energy that are great for displays or used as topic cards.

Question Word Clouds

Six commonly used questions for reading and writing lessons. Available in small and large sizes.

Literacy Banners

Two banners for headlining a literacy display. Each one is split across three A4 pages.