A clip-on camera system for iPad

OlloClip 3-in-1 lens brings macro photography to the iPad

OlloClip started out life as an idea on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, to develop a…

A young woman using an iPad to record an interview

Everything you need to capture professional video footage on the iPad

The iPad has become a popular device for photography as it has a large display,…

A selection of photographs from the UnSplash stock photography website

Unsplash: A directory of free, high-resolution photographs

Every 10 days a new set of 10 photos are added to Unsplash. These aren’t…

Examples of the hemingway app that improves your writing

Hemingway app recommends edits to improve your writing

Hemingway is a web and desktop application that aims to tidy up your writing and…

A classroom of students using the Plickers app with their teacher

Plickers: An innovative way of conducting polls and quizzes in your classroom

Plickers is an interactive poll system that provides teachers with a unique way of gathering…

code your own game technobabble by the bbc

Technobabble Game Maker lets kids make games without using code

With so much focus nowadays on coding, it’s refreshing to see a website that focuses…


Build an SLR camera from scratch with Lomography’s Konstruktor kit

In today’s world, digital photography is everywhere with more and more people taking photographs.

handsfree ipad stand classroom

Lavolta adjustable floor stand raises tablet to a standing height

One of the reasons tablet stands are so popular is that they free up your…

A computer setup for the Raspberry Pi kit from Kano

Build a computer and code your own software with Kano

Kids use computers everyday but how many would know how to build one? The Kano kit…

google expeditions app

Google brings virtual expeditions and augmented reality to the classroom

It’s becoming clear that virtual reality is the next big thing in technology. It offers…

A still from 360 degree footage of a kelp forest

Use your smartphone or tablet to explore a 360º aquarium on YouTube

Last year, YouTube updated their website to include 360º video playback. This was generally received…

learn how pixar make movies free online course

Learn how Pixar creates animated movies in their free online course

Disney Pixar and Khan Academy have teamed up to create a free online course, called…