Category: Numeracy

3D Shape Cards

Seven printable cards for teaching children 3D shapes. Each shape is constructed so that you can see through it.

2D Shape Cards

A colourful set of 2D shape cards for helping children recognise common shapes.

Multiplication Table Jigsaw

A 1-12 multiplication table that’s also a jigsaw puzzle. It’s split over six A4 pages so it will need quite a bit of cutting out! (sorry!)

Geometric Shapes Alphabet

A geometric alphabet made from simple shapes. Each letter is transparent so you can see what shapes have been used to construct it.

Blank Clock Faces

A set of five clock faces for helping children learn about time. Each template is slightly different from each other.

3D Cube Calendar

A printable 3D cube calendar that displays the day, date, month and weather. Each cube when constructed is approximately 5cm and it prints on a single A4.