Planet Earth is this solid thing you are standing on right now and it’s just a very, very small part of the big picture.

Wonderful YouTubers “In a Nutshell” have perfectly animated a great educational video about our planet. It’s quite fast-paced so it’s not great for writing down notes and you’ll likely need to watch it again to take everything in. It’s colourful, fun and brilliant for children.

It’s best to enjoy the 7 minute video for yourself but incase you can’t right now, here’s a quick overview of the content:

  • How did Earth come into existence?
  • What is Earth made of?
  • The birth of the Sun and planets
  • Why do we have a moon?
  • How did Earth get water?
  • What percentage of Earth is water/land and fresh/saline water?
  • How were mountains created?
  • How hot is Earth’s core?
  • What is our atmosphere?
  • What does air consist of?
  • Where does Earth stop and space begin?
  • How long have humans lived on Earth?


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