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Haiku Deck is a beautiful way to make presentations

haiku deck presentation app for ipad

With Haiku Deck, the focus is on design as well as content. No longer are slides overflowing with small text, boring long lists and low quality images. Even something as simple as creating a chart, is a thing of beauty.

Presentations should be informative, clear and to the point. Haiku Deck helps with a consistent design throughout, so that it doesn’t look like 10 presentations merged into one! They’re simple, easy-to-read and effective.

As the app is free, it does have some limitations. Many of the extra features can be added via in-app purchases, such as templates and premium stock photography. As standard, the app has 5 basic templates to choose from — all of which are beautifully designed and just need you to edit the text and add any extra elements.

The background of each slide can either be a solid colour or you can search through the extensive list of free stock images. This excellent feature ensures you have a good quality image without having to go searching for images on Google.

When you have completed your presentation, you can export as a Powerpoint or Keynote document as well as a basic PDF file.

Haiku Deck is a perfect example of how a great presentation should look. Throw in the fact that it’s created entirely on an iPad and it’s free, gives you no excuse not to download it.


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