Hopscotch: Learn and have fun with the basics of coding

Inspired by the very successful website “Scratch“, Hopscotch brings simple coding to the iPad — allowing children to get creative by making fun animations and games.

With each Hopscotch project, the user defines what happens, and when it happens. To start, you select from 10 cute characters or a custom block of text. You then begin introducing movement and colour by choosing from a number of actions called Method Blocks. These blocks are what you add to a script in order to achieve a particular result. For example, your character might expand in size with every loud noise or move across the screen when you tilt the iPad. Each block can be user-controlled very easily by experimenting with the different variables. For an explanation on what each Method Block does, head to the help section in the app’s menu for a quick rundown.

Overall, Hopscotch is an absolute must-download. Not only does it teach you the basic principles of coding, but it does it in a way that’s easy to understand and incredibly enjoyable.



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