Strawbees: Create incredible structures using straws

Strawbees are simple connectors that make it easy to create 3D structures and mechanical objects using standard drinking straws.

There an excellent educational tool as the possibilities for creation are endless. The fact that it uses regular straws means that costs can be kept to a minimum, and depending on where you shop, you can buy around 200 straws for less than a penny each.

The Strawbees shop currently offers three packs:

The Maker Kit ($20) is the basic option with 141 connectors and some sample straws. Perfect for testing Strawbees and to build a bridge, your own umbrella or just a random creature.

The Inventor Kit ($40) is their second largest retail product with 368 connectors and a bunch of sample straws. This kit lets you create more complex objects such as skeletons or car chassis.

The Crazy Scientist Kit ($80) is their biggest retail kit with 1034 pieces and sample straws (100). With this kit you can build almost anything, from a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge to a mechanical moving transformer.

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