A screenshot of the Pexels stock photo search engine

Pexels: A handpicked curation of free stock photos

Pexels is a huge collection of photographs that are free of copyright and require no…

printable passport template role play schools

Blank Passport Templates

Available in 4 coloured versions and a plain black and white – suitable for the…

Google's Snapseed app for editing photos

Snapseed: The only photo editor you’ll ever need

Snapseed is an excellent photo editing app, that with a couple of taps or swipes…

this is our class poster printable

Polaroid Welcome Sign

A welcome sign template for your classroom door where pupils can draw a self-portrait and…

free photography posters school classroom

Photography Banners

Two large photography banners for displaying the creative work of students.

Holiday flash cards in a Polaroid style

Holiday Topic Cards

Handy topic cards of general holiday items. There’s 16 cards in total with 4 to…

pictures of fruit with names classroom printable

Fruit Photos with Names

Nine photos of fruit with names. There are 3 cards to an A4 page.

Front page of the underwater dog photography book by Seth Casteel

Clever photographs of dogs underwater

If you find yourself teaching a photography lesson, you could get some great inspiration from…