Cheap, creative, cardboard role play areas

Here are some great ideas for building role play areas for just a few pennies.

Comfortable little reading nooks for the classroom

I have an image in my head about the future, that I will have a…

Print large posters across multiple A4 sheets

To create a striking display use Block Posters to print off a larger version of…

Top 100 tools for personal and workplace learning

Originally compiled in 2007, Jane Hart updates the list every year with the latest educational…

Super Teacher Worksheets

The name of ‘Super Teacher Worksheets’ has always put me off using the website, as…

Cheat sheet for formative assessment

I have a HUGE collection of documents about AiFL, each of the documents detail exciting,…

Pitch your ideas to the world and get funding with Kickstarter

Kickstarter doesn’t have to be about funding a new business.

Information and notes for teaching applications

Using the advice received from other people, I have made some mind maps using key…

Teaching job applications – pre-writing essentials

Here’s some information I have collected about the job application process.

Beam: Be A Mathematician

Be A Mathematician: A great collection of maths resources, many of which are opened ended, which…

Get your class talking and thinking with Thunks

There are a huge range of questions to get your class thinking, talking and debating!

Pretty printables from Mrs Pancake

Mrs Pancake is a great collection of pretty, pastel printables.