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Brainstormer app randomly combines a plot, subject and setting

The Brainstormer app is a simple idea that involves three spinning wheels of words that can be used to inspire writing or new ideas.

The app comes with a default wheel of words, some of which are not quite suitable for younger learners. You can however, create your own brainstormer by adding words to each wheel. There’s also a few downloadable extras like Character Creator for 69p.

The app is very easy to use and works similar to a slot machine in a games arcade. You have a dice button that’s used to randomise the selections and a lock button that will hold the position of any word — allowing you to spin one, two or all three wheels.

Using Brainstormer in the Classroom

  • Start a story
  • Create characters
  • Add relevant words and use to create an invention or a song.

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