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Sugru: A tough, mouldable glue that acts like play dough

Mouldable glue called Sugru

Sugru is basically a play dough-like material that turns to rubber when it is exposed to air. This rubber is super strong and it can be used to bond together just about anything you can think of. Any surface, any environment — from a cold freezer tray to a hot shower head.

Here’s a list of 20 ideas of how Sugru could be used by teachers.

  • Colour-code cables
  • Fill a hole to stop a leak (cup, box, shoes!)
  • Make sharp metal edges safe
  • Improve the grips on skipping ropes
  • Doorstop
  • A sophisticated wax seal
  • Add hooks anywhere
  • Wrap around taps displaying hot and cold
  • Make scissors have a more comfortable grip
  • Custom USB Drive cover
  • Add protective pads to chair legs
  • Custom grip for a pen, pencil or stylus
  • Mounting unusual shapes or objects to the wall
  • Multi-coloured necklace
  • iPad stand
  • Customise keys for different locks
  • Mix Sugru for a larger range of colours
  • Corner bumpers to protect expensive gadgets
  • A rubber stamp
  • Attach an iPad to the wall

Check out the official Sugru website for more cool ideas!


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