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Typing Tutor helps speed up touchscreen typing

learn to type ipad app

Typing Tutor is a simple app that aims to increase the speed and accuracy of your typing, so that eventually you can use all 10 fingers. To achieve this, the app sections the keyboard into various colours so that you can associate a particular area with the correct finger. Once you get comfortable with the position of the keys, you can increase the difficulty by hiding the letters.

As you type through the provided words, any mistakes you make are automatically remembered. This allows the app to display future words that have a similar spelling — giving you a chance to correct your mistakes. At the end of each lesson, you can view your speed and the number of errors, which will no doubt improve with practise.

Unfortunately, Typing Tutor isn’t compatible with an external bluetooth keyboard so all typing has to be done on-screen. Once pupils learn the basics from the app, they can transfer their new skills to a traditional keyboard.

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